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Learn about C & N Electric & Plumbing Ltd., Based in Manotick

50+ Years in Business!

Chambers and Nesbitt opened C & N Electric in 1961. In 1995, the company was turned over to Ron Sadler, a licensed plumber who had worked for C & N Electric beginning in 1982, and Charlie Sadler, a master electrician who began working for the company in 1995, and is now company president.

Electrical Service and Plumbing

Now, C & N Electric offers both electrical and plumbing services to Manotick and the Greater Ottawa Area, serving clients in the residential, commercial and industrial markets. We can tackle just about any project, given our array of equipment and technical experience with a variety of electrical projects.

Instant Billing and Rapid Service

Customers also appreciate our instant billing system (ESC Mobile) and flexible dispatching system for rapid service. Call C & N Electric today for a free estimate on your project!

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C&N changing of the guard

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